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casino royale online book of raw

Bond took Felix Leiter's money in notes and took a cheque to cash on the Credit Lyonnais for the remaining forty-odd million. 'That's a vulgar way of saying "we won't split hairs ' explained Bond. 'Sept a la banque saidthe croupier, 'et cinq he added as he tipped Bond's losing cards face upwards. As he drove, whipping the car faster and faster through the night, with the other half of his mind he cursed Vesper, and. 'I'm behaving like a pig/ she said happily. You know, from that girl-friend I told you about. He was tall with a thin bony frame and his lightweight, tan-coloured suit hung loosely from his shoulders like the clothes of Frank Sinatra. There was something rather disquieting about their appearance. They need say nothing of the third Bulgar who must have been hanging about somewhere, but they must get him at all costs. Perhaps I will bring you luck.' With Mathis gone, her attitude towards him showed a sudden warmth. casino royale online book of raw